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1040EZ INSTRUCTIONS is the fast safe and free way to prepare and e- le your taxes. See IRS.gov/FreeFile. For the latest information about developments related to Form 1040EZ and its instructions such as Form1040EZ. Section 3 Line Instructions for Form 1040EZ. Name and Address. Social Security Number SSN. Presidential Election Campaign Fund. You can t use Form 1040EZ. For more information about foreign financial assets and the requirements for filing Form 8938 see the Instructions for Form...
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hey tax students this is your teacher Roy at leeward College with a video demonstration in preparing form 1040ez I cannot control the quality of this videos resolution so to see the real detail you need to take a look at the problem in our textbook and the wording in the actual tax forms so lets download that form 1040ez by going here in our la llevo home page to the tool called for tax forms federal and youll take you to the IRS website we can download either the current years forms and publications thats the year 2016 or prior years 2015 and earlier by either typing in the form number or publication number here and then clicking on the search button or for the real common forms if you just scroll down further like were looking for form 1040ez which is linked here and the related instructions which will need later on but lets first download that form by clicking on the link and now you can see that form 1040ez for 2016 in our Google Chrome web browser so you would not fill in the form here in the browser screen because you probably will not be able to save your work so you first have to download the form which Ill do by putting it on my desktop so its easy to find and then lets take a look at the desktop here so you can see the form so if you open it up you probably will use Adobe Reader as you can see Im using Acrobat which is comparable so now you can fill in these blue fields that you could turn off and on with this button here so the problem we want to do is at the end of our chapter number 1 this is problem number 2 and page 44 in where were given her address and social security number shes gonna be using the single filing status and we have two w-2 forms so heres information from one of them for Lakeland automotive and heres the information for the second one fun parts galore she also has interest income reported on a form 1099 int from Minnesota savings and loan in the amount of fifty one ninety two now looking at this information here in paragraphs in our textbook its not real realistic if you want to get a more realistic situation what we can do here back on our laulima home page is to go to this link called McGraw Hill online learning center OLC where you can download source documents for all of the problems located at the end of our chapters so here for the additional student resources if I click on this link youll ask you to download a word file so here if I already downloaded it and you have to enable editing to be able to make these links work and what you want to use is this link called source documents and those documents are compressed in a zip file and when you open them up you will see forms like this w-2 form for Lakeland automotive and lets see one for parts galore and 1099 int form from Minnesota savings so these forms are more realistic than using numbers in a textbook so either way you can enter this information now in our downloaded 1040ez so again I have it here on my desktop but let me resave so lets see if I can find...